Dear Josh,

Movie PictureGreetings from your home state of Minnesota, Josh. We're cut from the same Minnesotan cloth, you and I, and naturally I love seeing people from this Land of 10,000 Lakes making it big. It's even better when those people don't forget where they came from. I thought it was insanely cool when you moved back to Minneapolis right when your career was skyrocketing. I don't think it's insanely cool, however, that you and your movies have been getting the shaft at the box office over the past two years.

Your last three movies, simply put, were amazing. Of those three, the two that came out last year - Lucky Number Slevin and The Black Dahlia were on my Top 10 list for 2006 and your latest, Resurrecting the Champ could very well be on my top 10 list for this year as well. Sadly, these films haven't even made $50 million at the box office... COMBINED. For such a marvelous trio of movies, that number is insanely disturbing.

It's been said that you're very picky when choosing projects and I must say your choosy ways have served you well. You have a very broad range of character's you've played in your career from soldiers to sex fiends and cops to hitmen. You have a very subtle style to your work that's always fun to watch and is always successful, in terms of your performance. What really baffles me is most of your movies are wonderful in every other aspect as well and no one seems to give them the time of day. Especially with these last three, which have each been very distinct and different types of movies compared to whatever else is out there, it just seems that no one wants to see anything different these days.

I'm really hoping that isn't the case with your newest flick, 30 Days of Night, because it looks like a superb movie and (gasp) one that really could be a financial and critical success. The trailer is just awesome and I really hope this movie doesn't fall into the same pattern as your last three flicks. From the various quotes I've read from you on IMDB and other places, I'd get the impression that the financial success of your movies isn't really a big concern of yours. You're just trying to excel at your craft and if people don't necessarily flock to your movies in droves, well, just keep on trying. While that attitude is quite noble, especially in today's Hollywood climate, I think it just plain sucks that you really haven't been rewarded lately for it.

What I'm really trying to say, Josh, is that it's not your fault. Keep on with your finicky ways of selecting your next movie. It doesn't seem like you intend to alter this, with your next three movies after 30 Days of Night - August, I Come With the Rain and The Prince of Cool - all sounding incredibly unique and all well worth seeing. The sad thing is, while these all sound great, they don't sound like movies that mainstream Americans will eat up, except perhaps for The Prince of Cool which, with its musician biopic format could be your ticket to an Oscar nod. However, regardless of Oscar nods or big-money grosses at the box office, it sounds like you'll have some superb movies for us in the future and I'm looking forward to all of them. I can only hope that, as your talent and the movies you display it in keep coming out in such wondrous fashion, that a lot of other people will be looking forward to your work as well.


Brian Gallagher