Dear MovieWeb Readers,

Hi there my fellow MovieWebHeads. It's been quite awhile since I've last written one of these Open Letters, and there are reasons aplenty for that. I suppose the first and foremost reason that I stopped writing this column is because I couldn't start writing anymore. I had hit a rut and had no clue about what to write about anymore or who to write to. Laziness was also a factor, but at the same time being very busy was as well. I have a regular lame job like everyone else and I write for the site, The Week in Review column and DVD reviews, in my spare time. When I stopped the column, I was also writing a non-fiction/memoir book about my epic saga in and out of college. I have completed the book recently and, although I face another journey in trying to get it published, the daily grind of typing away on my memoir is behind me... I hope.

It was quite odd when I completed the book because, for the first time in at least 18 months, I really had absolutely nothing to do. At the time I had finished reviewing all of my DVD's and was awaiting another shipment and, sure, I had my weekly column, but that's done in a few hours, which leaves many many many more hours in between work, sleep and whiskey weekends to find something to do. While I could've worked on some screenplay ideas I've had milling around in the brain for awhile, laziness took over and it felt good to do nothing but lay on the couch and idly watch the tube or play Goldeneye on my N64. Yeah, I'm old school.

It was this laziness that started to drift over into my writings for this site. While there were technical and timeliness issues with my The Week in Review column last week (i.e. I didn't save anything and accidentally closed the browser with the whole column... ugh), this week was a little different. After the hecticity (not sure if that's real or if I made it up) of the long holiday weekend, I found myself sleeping more and doing less the last few days and this week my column's absence is due to laziness and timeliness issues. I suppose part of the reason I wrote this is to say the column will return next week, but also to recover from my stupor of malaise and do something besides smoke Marlboro's and watch The Shield.

So, to redeem myself for two missed columns, I'm giving you TWO Open Letters, this one and my first regular one back, to Fox Atomic. I had originally planned to mention some of this in a disclaimer at the beginning of the column, but, as you can see, after I thought of more stuff to say and it kept growing, it would be one doozy of a disclaimer. Thanks for reading this and all of my other stuff for the site, because surely some people read the junk I put out for the site otherwise they wouldn't have put up with me for as long as they have. Har har har. So, in essence, thanks for giving me something to do.


Brian Gallagher

P.S. You should all have one of those nifty MyMovieWeb accounts by now (if not CLICK HERE), so you should all add me as a friend here and maybe I can catch up to Brian and Timmy in their little friend war. Har har har. Gallagher out.