According to The Hollywood Reporter, just after the Aug. 7 death of longtime ABC News anchor Peter Jennings, Anchor Bay Entertainment has announced an Oct. 18 release of The Peter Jennings Collection, a two-disc DVD set that features six primetime investigative news specials hosted by Jennings.

The six documentaries aired over the past two years on ABC, Jennings' professional home for 41 years -- the past 22 as primetime anchorman and senior editor of World News Tonight With Peter Jennings. No Place to Hide takes a look at post-Sept. 11 security surveillance; From the Tobacco File explores the tobacco industry and the failure of Congress to regulate it; Guantanamo gives viewers a rare look inside the controversial U.S. prison camp set up as part of the war on terrorism; LAPD finds Jennings on a ride with one police division in a gang-infested L.A. neighborhood; Ecstasy Rising documents the party drug; and How to Get Fat Without Really Trying fingers the food industry and government as prime culprits behind the U.S.' worsening obesity crisis.