/adam-mckay-talks-anchorman-2/Yesterday, director Adam McKay hinted at some of the things we might see in the recently announced sequel Anchorman 2. He is apparently quite excited about this approaching follow-up, and went onto give even more details in a second interview, this time with The Hollywood Reporter.

For starters, Adam McKay hopes to bring back Christina Applegate.

"I'm actually calling Christina Applegate's manager, but we already have talked about the story and it looks like there will be something for her. We have an idea for her that we think is pretty cool. So tentatively right now she's in. But obviously we kind of have to let it be what it's gonna be, we don't want to handcuff ourselves, but we love Christina Applegate, so any chance to work with her is always fun."

The actual writing of the script is expected to start very soon.

"The last couple weeks we've been sitting down and banging out the story and putting it together. We're going to start next week actually, we're going to hole up. So I'm doing all my last meetings this week, because I know I'll have less time. Usually in a month and a half to two months we can come up with the full draft, like a rough vomit-y draft. Then, you know how it goes, the real work is in the re-writing, so then we just pound it for the next five months.

Adam McKay then teased some of the storyline.

"We have a basic idea. I'll tell you we're staying roughly period, and I would just say it's the next stage in the development of American media and news. The fun of these characters is they confront change very poorly. [laughs] So they've got some more change coming their way. I can say that pretty safely."

As for when they start shooting, and when we might see it on the big screen?

"We're looking at January-February for shooting. Probably it'll end up being February is my guess. [In terms of releasing it], we're talking about it, we don't know yet exactly where it'll be, we're kind of floating. They've said Christmas, they've said March, and then they've gone as late as May. They didn't say Thanksgiving for some reason. We probably could have it done by then, that's not crazy. You know they want it to be summer, is what they want, but that gets a little long. So we'll have to figure that out."

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B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange