Texas Chainsaw Massacre Prequel: According to Andrew Bryniarski, in a recent interview with MTV, the makers of the recent Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake are moving ahead with a prequel to the story...

"I just talked to the executive producers, and 2005 is when we're going to shoot this thing," Andrew Bryniarski, who played Leatherface in the remake and will return to the role for the prequel, revealed recently. "Until then, we're going to look at script ideas and they're looking at exactly how far to go back into a prequel story. There's been 33 murders that have been established at the Hewitt farmhouse. You've only seen a few of 'em. And there's a lot of backstory with what caused the head-skinner to go horribly wrong."

To pen the script, the producers hired Sheldon Turner, who wrote both the The Amityville Horror and The Longest Yard remakes in production. Turner's story will reportedly center on sibling soldiers who cross paths with Leatherface.

Bryniarski, who was the perennial football madman (in Necessary Roughness, The Program and Any Given Sunday) before jumping to horror, said he signed on for the prequel after meeting with Gunnar Hansen, who played Leatherface in the 1974 original.

"He gave me his approval and said I did a great job and I'll always be number one with him," Bryniarski said. "I thanked him for being my hero and for letting me play his villain. And I mean it."

Bryniarski and the film's producers (which include "The Bachelor" creator Mike Fleiss) believe their remake succeeded because it honored to the original characters, which the prequel will do as well.

"I was out to set those people that might've been naysayers straight," Bryniarski said, "because we loved 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' and we made this movie 'cause of how cool [director] Tobe Hooper and [actress] Marilyn Burns and Gunnar Hansen are — and not because of how cool we were."

The prequel derails any of the rumored "Leatherface vs. ..." movies inspired by another 2003 horror hit, Freddy vs. Jason, although Bryniarski hopes one will happen eventually.

"I'll kill 'em all, bring 'em on!" he said. "Michael Myers, Pinhead, whatever, Evil Ash, kill ya! No, I'm a huge fan of all of those guys. And I'd love to fight Jason in a movie. I'd love to play Jason in a movie."

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