While promoting their new film, The Hitcher, producers Andrew Form and Brad Fuller talked about some upcoming projects including the Untitled Friday the 13th Sequel, The Horseman, Near Dark and The Birds.

As far as Untitled Friday the 13th, Brad told us, "We're working on the script right now and I think next year, it's not the first two quarters, maybe the end of the year." And a director, "No director as of yet;" Andrew did jump in and say, "Jonathan Liebesman is attached to direct it, the director of Chainsaw." Brad finished with, "But it all depends on his schedule; he's got a couple things crawling around right now. If he's available when we finish the script; we'd love to work with him again."

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For their next projects, "We're trying to put together another picture for Rogue; that's going to be called Alone - it's an original script," says Brad. "And we start production on another movie in three weeks called The Horsemen." Andrew described it as, "A thriller at the end of '07 with Dennis Quaid and Zhang Ziyi."

He continued talking about doing Near Dark for Rogue; "We like the way Eric Red works," Brad joked. Near Dark is the remake of the 1987 film written by Eric; he also wrote the script for the original film of The Hitcher. Brad said a writer will be announced in the next couple weeks for that.

Naomi Watt's name popped up in discussion to play the lead in the remake of Alfred Hitchcock's classic The Birds. Brad and Andrew cleared any of those rumors up. "No actor or actress is going to commit to something without a script, Brad pointed out. "We've sat down with her, and conceptually we all want to make the same movie; but until we have a script and a director, I think it's a little premature. We're all talking and we'd like to have her as the lead."

Their latest film is the thriller, The Hitcher starring Sean Bean, Sophia Bush, and Zachary Knighton; it opens in theaters January 19th, rated R.