In light of the recent Golden Globe nomination for his work in The Social Network, Andrew Garfield caught up with Capital FM and discussed his nomination as well as his current projects, especially Marc Webb's Spider-Man reboot, which is currently filming, and also stars fellow Golden Globe nominee Emma Stone (for her work in Easy A). Here's what he had to say about Spider-Man:

"It's going great and I'm having a fantastic time. We have such an amazing cast, so I'm heaven playing this role. I feel like a kid in the candy store, I'm one lucky boy I tell you." RELATED: Irrfan Khan Dies, Life of Pi and Jurassic World Star Was 53

"It's bizarre [wearing the Spider-Man suit] and I have to not look at my face. It's strange and surreal to be wearing it and I won't lie I actually shed a tear when I first wore the spandex for the first time. I didn't expect to get so emotional but I did."

"I have to keep watching what I eat and I love eating and eating the worst things. It's really really hard, but I know that I have this responsibility to so many people to stay fit and trim and to basically not get obese!"

Andrew Garfield also made an appearance on the BBC, which you can watch the video here.