Le Convoyeur: According to Variety, Paramount Pictures has bought remake rights to gritty French crime thriller Le Convoyeur and inked Seven scribe Andrew Kevin Walker to write it. Penn Station partners Dean Georgaris and Michael Aguilar will produce with John Goldwyn.

The original pic begins as a man drives with his son behind an armored car. When masked gunmen pull a heist on the vehicle, they open fire on the car behind them, killing the boy. Suspecting an inside job, the grieving father takes a job at the armored car company, bent on avenging his son's death.

Penn Station's Aguilar developed the notion of a remake after meeting with StudioCanal library gatekeeper Ron Halperin. Aguilar once worked for Goldwyn and got the fellow Par-based producer to make the option deal through his discretionary fund.

Then Aguilar gave a copy of the French film to Walker, who also scripted 8MM and Sleepy Hollow. When the notoriously selective scribe said he loved the film and would adapt the remake, Le Convoyeur quickly became an important studio project.

"The original was a spare but emotional drama about an anguished and dangerous guy," Aguilar said. "Nobody is better than capturing that kind of emotion in a dark setting than Andy."