Filmmaker Andrew Niccol is about to go back to his sci-fi roots for his next film project. According to Heat Vision Blog, Niccol is currently in talks with New Regency for I'm Mortal.

Like Niccol's earlier films such as Gattaca and The Truman Show, I'm Mortal is set in an alternate, not-so-distant future where advances in technology has allowed for human's aging gene to be shut off. Time has become the new currency, to stave off overpopulation, and the rich can essentially live forever while the rest of society has to negotiate for their "immortality." Niccol's story centers on a young man who comes across a fortune of "time" and is hunted down by the dirty cops known as "time keepers." It was said that every character would look young, even with parents and children appearing to be the same age.

Niccol wrote the script and will direct the film as well. It was said that the director is currently taking casting meetings and the production is eyeing up a summer start date.