The Good

This show, while surely outdated in some ways, is a welcome respite from a lot of the garbage we are forced to swallow today.

The Bad

No commentary, featurettes, or other such extras for this great show.

The Andy Griffith Show: The Complete Seventh Season is a showcase of small town life at it's best. While seen by many as a simple show that was too "goody two shoes" for it's own good, there is a lot of spark and spunk to the writing that keeps you on your toes. The show lasted eight seasons as it followed Sheriff Andy Taylor (Andy Griffith) around the idyllic town of Mayberry. He kept law and order even though his biggest problems dealt with personal issues of people like Goober Pyle (George Lindsey; brother of Gomer), Aunt Bee (Frances Bavier; Andy's Aunt), Opie (Ron Howard; Andy's Son) and Howard Sprague (Jack Dodson) to name a few.

Whether Andy was helping Opie cope with girls, Aunt Bee become more independent, Howard break free from his mother or anyone else who happened to cross his path, The Andy Griffith Show: The Complete Seventh Season was filled with good stories, good fun and good things for everyone who cares to enter or return to Mayberry.

In the words of Andy himself, "Yeah boy!"


No extras came with this DVD.


Full Screen. These shows came around when black and white TV was making the transition to color. They look awesome. It almost feels like because the look of these shows was so new, they were going out of their way to make these episodes have an extra sparkle and shine. While I think the use of color changes certain aspects of these shows (especially if you are used to seeing them in black and white), I honestly feel that the positives outweigh the negatives in regards to the lushness of these images.


Dolby Digital. The sound is really straight forward. They have kept things very simple on these shows, and as I was watching them I really thought about how hard it must have been to act without a live audience. Perhaps this accounts for giving The Andy Griffith Show it's evenhanded feel (because the energy from a live audience changes things), but I still can't imagine doing jokes and holding for laughter without their being any laughter to play off of.


An almost over colorized picture of Andy, Aunt Bee and Opie graces this front cover. In fact, the trees, leaves and sky have so much color, this almost seems like a Disney show. The back offers a funny picture of Goober sitting by a shed, and a small shot of Andy next to him. There is an episode listing, a description of this show and technical specs on the bottom portion of this artwork. Five discs are housed in three more colorful cases, with different pictures of the cast on them. Overall, this packaging is economical and bursting with life.

Final Word

As The Andy Griffith Show is one of my favorite shows (I was making my animated movie 1985-1986 and it always seemed to be on in the background... as a result it sank in), it would be very hard for me to give it bad review. I guess it not having any special features or the fact that Barney Fife (Don Knotts) was no longer on the show, could be things to detract from my assessment, but that would mean I wasn't being truthful and in Mayberry that's a no-no. Personally, I loved this show when Barney was a character on it (and he does appear here), but I also liked the subject matter of these episodes. I feel that Howard, Goober, Opie and the rest of cast offered a lot good fodder where we could see Andy in action.

As a 32 year old male, I am not supposed to like this show. I should be watching other hip shows like CSI and 24. I should be bored by the pacing of The Andy Griffith Show. The honest truth is that I am not. I love this show. In fact, it's the shows I just mentioned that really bore me. I think The Andy Griffith Show represents something very important to both television and America's cultural history.

Next, we are coming up on the eighth and final season of this show and I am just as excited about that as I am about anything else coming to DVD.

"Yeah boy!"

The Andy Griffith Show was released .