We reported last February that director Ang Lee was taking on the film adaptation Life of Pi and now it seems the project is finally moving forward. IndieWire is reporting that 20th Century Fox is looking to greenlight the film, and that it will be filmed in 3D.

It was said that producer Gil Netter (The Blind Side) is currently scouting locations in Taiwan and in southern India. It was said that the budget would come in around $70 million for the film, which was said to be loaded with special effects shots. Lee will be producing the film and directing from a script by Finding Neverland screenwriter David Magee.

The film is based off the Yann Martel novel which centers on a young boy who is lost at sea in a tiny lifeboat with a Bengal tiger. Here's an excerpt from the article that describes some of the visual effects shots in the film.

There's a shipwreck, the ship sinks, and a teenage boy is launched overboard and climbs into a life raft with a zebra, hyena and a tiger. There are many CG animals (whales, fish, meercats) plus ocean and atmosphere. "It has a gigantic visual effects component," says (Elizabeth) Gabler. "You can't put a live tiger in a boat with a child. It has elements of Castaway, when the kid is alone in the boat. You don't need language to convey what's on the screen. We need to make the movie for the whole world."

It was also said that an 2012 release was being planned, with filming to begin this August if the film receives a green light.