The third entry in the popular action-thriller Olympus Has Fallen series will be unleashed into a theater near you next month. It stars Gerard Butler (300, Law Abiding Citizen) and Morgan Freeman (Million Dollar Baby, Driving Miss Daisy). And today we have the new trailer for director Ric Roman Waugh's London Has Fallen follow-up, Angel Has Fallen for you guys to check out.

Much like the previous two movies in this rock 'em, sock 'em action movie trilogy, Angel Has Fallen looks to be brutal and bloody good times to this here movie fan. And while the new trailer does make all of it seem like tip-top action, I do have to put out there that some of that CGI presented in the preview looks a bit on the shoddy side. But that said, I'm thinking they will correct all of that before the movie finally storms it's way into theaters next month. Fingers crossed that is.

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As mentioned above, this new movie, Angel Has Fallen is a sequel to director Antoine Fuqua's Olympus Has Fallen and Babak Najafi's London Has Fallen. This new film kicks off after the events in the previous movie and finds Butler's Secret Service agent Mike Banning framed for an assassination attempt on Morgan Freeman's President Allan Trumbull. Banning isn't one to take such things lying down though, so he then sets off on a race against time - with some unlikely allies - to clear his name and uncover the real terrorist threat. And that's all while he's being pursued by the FBI and his own agency. Tough break, dude.

Olympus Has Fallen and London Has Fallen star Gerard Butler returns once again for this third entry as the United States Secret Service agent Mike Banning. Morgan Freeman joins him as President Allan Trumbull, with Danny Huston as Wade Jennings, Michael Landes as Sam Wilcox, White House Chief of Staff, Tim Blake Nelson as Vice President Kirby, and Nick Nolte as Mike's father, Clay Banning. Jada Pinkett Smith also joins in on the fun this time around as FBI Agent Thompson along with Lance Reddick as Secret Service Director David Gentry, Mark Arnold as CIA Director James Haskell, Chris Browning as Militia Man, and Frederick Schmidt as Travis Cole. Meanwhile, Piper Perabo replaces Radha Mitchell as Leah Banning.

Ric Roman Waugh directs Angel Has Fallen from a screenplay he co-wrote along with Robert Mark Kamen and Matt Cook based on a story by Creighton Rothenberger and Katrin Benedikt based on the characters created by Rothenberger and Benedikt. On top of starring in this third entry, Gerard Butler also produces Angel Has Fallen along with Alan Siegel, Mark Gill, John Thompson, Matt O'Toole, and Les Weldon. David Buckley is composing the score for this new action movie which will sport cinematography by Jules O'Loughlin, and editing by Gabriel Fleming. Millennium Media and G-BASE are the powers that be behind the scenes of Angel Has Fallen which Lionsgate will unleash into a theater near you on August 23, 2019. Meanwhile, this new trailer comes to us from Lionsgate Movies over on YouTube.