Angela is an upcoming documentary focusing on the cult classic slasher movie Sleepaway Camp and its antagonist, Angela Baker. The movie will explore the legacy Angela has left in the horror genre through her portrayals by Felissa Rose in the original and Pamela Springsteen in the sequels. From Michael Perez Entertainment, the movie has the support of over 35 members of the cast and crew of the Sleepaway Camp family. From the directors and crew, the project has obtained over four hours of never-before-seen footage and tons of archival and behind-the-scenes photos to give fans a clearer look at the franchise's creation than ever before.

Several key Sleepaway Camp players have already been confirmed for Angela. Felissa Rose, the original Angela, will be executive producing in addition to appearing in the movie. Other confirmed cast members include Karen Fields (Judy), Desiree Gould (Aunt Martha), Jonathan Tiersten (Ricky), Katherine Kamhi (Meg), Paul DeAngelo (Ronnie), Christopher Collet (Paul), Tom Van Dell (Mike), John E. Dunn (Billy), Willy Kuskin (Mozart), and Owen Hughes (Artie). Director Robert Hiltzik will also speak in the movie, and other names are expected to be announced as production commences.

Written and directed by Hiltzik, Sleepaway Camp was released in 1983. The classic slasher movie follows teenagers Angela (Rose) and her cousin Ricky (Tiersten) attending a summer camp, where killings then begin soon upon their arrival. Viewers are not shown the killer until the very end of the movie, when Angela is revealed to be the person slaughtering everyone at the camp. Adding to that twist is the fact that she is actually a boy named Peter, forced by his crazy aunt Martha to adopt his sister's identity after she's killed in a tragic accident along with their father. To this day, the ending remains one of the most talked about moments from slasher movie history.

Like most successful slasher movies from the '80s, Sleepaway Camp was greenlit for multiple sequels. The role of Angela was recast with Pamela Springsteen as the summer camp killer for Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers and Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland. With Angela now spouting humorous one-liners after each kill which would make Freddy Krueger proud, the sequels are far more comedic than the original movie. A fourth movie, Sleepway Camp IV: The Survivor, was canned during production in 1992. In 2008, original Sleepaway Camp director Robert Hiltzik retconned Parts II and III with the new sequel Return to Sleepaway Camp, which only acknowledges the first movie.

Director Mike Perez says Angela is looking at an October 2020 release date. It's a bummer to wait so long until the movie's release, but it should definitely be a doc worth checking out when it finally arrives. The project is now seeking the necessary funding for its budget, with an Indiegogo campaign, letting fans pre-purchase the movie to help pay for its creation. It's noted that buying the movie through the crowdfunding campaign will be the only way to own a physical copy, as it will only be available digitally elsewhere when the movie is released. You can donate and read more over at Indiegogo.