Angela V. Shelton

The recently-dispatched contestant talks about her experiences on the show... and with Spencer and Heidi Pratt

I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! just premiered last Monday, June 1 on NBC and the first victim of elimination was comedian Angela V. Shelton, one half of the comedy duo Frangela with Frances Callier. Shelton recently held a conference call to discuss her experience on the reality program, which was based off the hit U.K. version, and here's what she had to say.

You were like one the bright spots for me on the show which is otherwise, for me and a lot of our readers, a platform for Heidi and Spencer (Pratt) to promote themselves.

Angela V. Shelton: Yes.

And I want you to be honest and tell us is this - it seems like NBC is setting up, with all the negative press, them to continue in the show. And I wondered if you could talk about it and your experience with Spencer Pratt specifically.

Angela V. Shelton: With - am I friends with Heidi and Spencer?

Yeah, you had an - you know, an altercation with Spencer.

Angela V. Shelton: Right, right. You know, I don't - I know that whether or not Heidi and Spencer come back is going to - that's going to be decided by the people who are still on the show and whether or not they go through this trial. Staying in this house in this house of terror overnight and that will happen on Monday night. You'll be able to see whether or not they get allowed back in. And we have no information inside the jungle about what's going on. Like we - I haven't seen any of the shows; I don't know what you've seen or haven't seen. I haven't even seen a TV since I got out or a paper. But my experience of them is that they are definitely people who are 24/7 on their j-o-b of promoting themselves. Yeah. But that is their - and you know what, hey, that's their gig - that's what they do, and that's fine. But it's not what we do, but it's what they do.

What do they do on the weekends between, you know, when the camera stops rolling and then Monday when we resume the action. Do they go to a hotel?

Angela V. Shelton: No, not at all. Oh, I don't know - I can't stress this enough; everything you're seeing is a thousand times worse than it looks. It is so difficult and hard. There are no time outs - we have to do - we have to get our own - gather our own everything; water, take care of our own latrine - all of that stuff. On the weekends we do more trials and that's what you see - like whatever you saw on Monday we did on Saturday and Sunday. Like it's more trials; it's more competing for food and things basic resources. It's - we have to get fresh water and try to, you know, eat and try to all that and hike places. There is no time off - none.

Not to obsess on this whole Spencer thing, but he characterized you guys really as a couple of VH1 people I've never heard of. And he also said, "It's me and Heidi and a bunch of nobodies," which truly surprised me. How do you feel about both (unintelligible)? re you surprised that he had never heard of you and do you consider the others to be a bunch of nobodies or how do you see them.

Angela V. Shelton: Oh, these are incredible people with far more talent , skill, intelligence and resume than either of them could ever hope to have. They are - I mean, John Salley, Lou Diamond Phillips - these people; the Baldwin's, you know, Patty Blagojevich - every, Torrey; these are people who have done a lot of amazing things. Sanjaya and not - you know, they've - Heidi and Spencer I got no problems with what - they're on a reality show and that's great. But clearly he did know who we were because he knew we were on VH1. So that was my first thing was like, oh other than the fact that you've watched us, you know - yeah. So - but I will tell you this quite honestly. Every day of my life there has never been a day where I woke up and said, "I wonder if Heidi and Spencer know what I'm doing?" Nor will that day ever come. So it's cool with me.

I can't recall whether or not something was slapped out of the hand. Was that you or was that your friend?

Angela V. Shelton: That was me. Yeah, Spencer slapped my water bottle out of my hand.

And you said he slapped your hand. They showed the tape a lot and it didn't look like he actually slapped your hand.

Angela V. Shelton: You know what's really frustrating is when you get hit but people tell you you didn't. Because I got hit. This is the thing. When somebody swats at you, they're going - the likelihood of it, unless it was a staged dot, you know, you had practiced the likelihood of them not making contact with you is actually pretty slim. He - do I believe he wanted to hit me? No. Do I believe he was trying to absolutely, physically threatening? Of course he was. He was in my face and he slapped something out of my hand. He made contact with me hand. I don't think it was his goal to make contact with my hand, but he didn't control that either. His goal was to be as physically intimidating as possible and I think that's reprehensible and absolutely ridiculous behavior out of anyone.

So Monday we find out whether Heidi and Spencer come back. I just want to know what your - what's your gut feeling on whether all of the - everybody else is going to accept them. Or - I mean, do you think that they're going to be back on the show? Do you think that the show is going to want to kind of skew things to make people accept them back, or what's your take?

Angela V. Shelton: You know what, they really do not interact with us. So they are - I swear to you that they are guiding nothing. I think we had a vote - we voted no and they're still getting an opportunity to come back. So that's shows you how good the voting is. But I think the reality is that these people are good people and they're going to - if they - if Heidi and Spencer allegedly they really want to come back. Allegedly they've been begging to come back. And I think what I can say fairly is that this is a group of people who will give - they're going to give people a second chance. They really are. And I doubt that they - and I don't think they're going to make it like they're going to punish them or make it hard for them. I think they will be totally open to having them back and having them, you know, have a chance to maybe act right.

Janice Dickinson's been, you know, kind a little bit of a drama queen too. What's your take on her and her antics and how everyone feels about Janice?

Angela V. Shelton: Janice is - we even called her "Crazy Auntie Janice". She's hysterical. She's a huge personality. And there are times when the jungle drama gets to you and it can be difficult and - but you just know - I know it would be hysterical and fun to hang out with her. Sometimes in the jungle it was difficult because you're there 24 hours a day with people. And so I don't know if they'd show this on the air, but she apparently has some kind of bronchial situation that is requiring her to spit everywhere. Yeah, willy - kind of willy-nilly. So that has been an issue for people. And, you know, it's a reminder of where we all have to do a lot of work to keep it going. And she has not let's say, been exactly working as hard as many of us would like to see.

And did she steal something in the last episode? Forgive me for not knowing for sure, but I was like zoning in and out.

Angela V. Shelton: Well this is the problem with the jungle; there's a - we - there's the talk of a jungle thief. The problem with being there is that because you're there and you're so focused on a bunch of things, we all do it. I thought I - one thing I thought, I was like where's my towel - where's my towel because you only get this one towel and it's like gold. So I was like, where's my towel and you start thinking, somebody took my towel. And then you find it. And then you like, sorry. So there's a lot of that. But there are some things that went missing. For example, my little shower kit I couldn't find it. I kept saying where's my shower kit, where's my shower kit because it had my hair pick in it and I needed to take a shower. And then Janice went to the bathroom and I thought, let me check jungle thief's bag and sure enough there it was.

So she really stole your...

Angela V. Shelton: Well this is the thing. I don't know is she stole or if she just put it there. This is the thing with Janice; when she cleans - because she likes to clean before the live show which is weird because she's like - I'm like, you're cleaning the jungle you realize? It's like dirt, you know. She says, "We've got to clean up the floor." I'm like Janice, it's dirt. So she - and she's serious. What she'll do is she'll kind of - her idea of cleaning is just to throw stuff under things. So you'll - at the end of the show you'll lift up your bed and you find all this stuff in it and some of it isn't yours and some of it is. So I don't know if there was intent to steal behind or if it was a Janice clean-up.

Aside from being eliminated, what was the worst part overall?

Angela V. Shelton: Oh that wasn't that bad being eliminated. Oh that wasn't - you know, outside of not being able to bring home what I wanted to for the charity - for my charity Covenant House, I'm very grateful to America in a lot of ways. The worst part about being there I think is just it's just really physically hard. Like getting there was hard. I didn't think Frances and I were going to make through the walk to camp. And once that happened I was like, oh we're in trouble. Because we couldn't even get here let alone be here.

You probably were thinking, well how are we going to get out of here.

Angela V. Shelton: Well that's the thing. You start looking for a route but then you realize there's no way to escape, you're in the jungle. It's not like you can be, turn left at that palm tree. You're just - you've got to wait until they take you home.

What did you think when Daniel Baldwin dropped in?

Angela V. Shelton: I - it was so shocking and it was such a breath of fresh air. He is hysterical and such a hard worker. He came in and immediately was like, what can I do. And so it's amazing - on camp - on just surviving in the camp level, it was great because we had somebody else. Because there's like so much to get done and all that and they all were bit up and cut up and weak. And so to have somebody who was sort of more at the top of his game come, it was great. And the stories between him and his brother are hysterical.

I also wanted to know what's your take on Sanjaya?

Angela V. Shelton: I think Sanjaya - I think Sanjaya will be in the top whatever - two or three, whatever it is. He is one with the jungle. I mean one with it. He's covered in mud - he doesn't care about any of that. He's - the only - I'm going to tell you, Sanjaya's weakness - his problem is he's getting bored. Because when we - so much of what we do is about - when we're not doing a trial -- we usually have one or two of those a day -- what the rest of it is about is survival which is cooking and cleaning and whatever. But it's not like interesting. You know. And he's a person who needs to always be doing something. He wants to play games, he wants to whatever and he wants to sing and he can't really sing because music has to be cleared.

I'm curious as to who you're going to keep in touch with from the show?

Angela V. Shelton: I would love to keep in touch with everybody but Heidi and Spencer.

Really, were they that bad?

Angela V. Shelton: Oh, they're worse. I don't know what you've seen, but it wasn't the 24 hours I know that.

So were they that lazy and evil. They didn't help out?

Angela V. Shelton: No, never - not once.

And that fight that you had with him, I mean did you feel like...

Angela V. Shelton: Well I'd like to characterize this properly - that when he attacked me?

Yes. Did you feel that that was for the cameras or do you think he's really that kind of, you know, unhinged?

Angela V. Shelton: I think both things are true. I think he's very unhinged. I'm trying to figure out how he passed the psych evaluation and by what margin. He'll tell you that. He'll tell you he's crazy. You know, I'm not saying anything negative about him; he knows it. He's a person who I don't - he's just not of my ilk. I don't understand his motivations and I don't know him very well. I know think any of us got - at this point have gotten to know them. They really did not spend much time with us. They were either asleep or off in front of a camera somewhere alone and they just did not participate in the camp. And whenever they were there they were just kind of hollering about their products and endorsements and running.

When they - you know they quit like three times. I mean did it seem like that to you guys because us viewers...

Angela V. Shelton: Oh, it was more than that. Oh, they quit a good 10 to 20 times. In fact the last we were like yeah bye - see you in the morning. Like no, it may be like somebody was, I never got to ask Spencer about this and I was like oh, he'll be back. Wit, you can ask him in about ten minutes. And sure enough there they'd come.

It looks like they're going to be let back on the show. I mean we won't know for sure but, I mean do you think the cast - the remaining cast members are foolish for letting them back on?

Angela V. Shelton: Oh no because I don't think they - I don't think they have a choice. We voted no and it's still an issue. So, you know - so I think that - what I know about these people is they are all about giving people chances and they are all about working with each other. And if Spencer and Heidi can come back there and be a part of the team and be a part of, you know, working with everyone; I know that they will be accepted. I absolutely know it. These are not grudge holders.

I mean do you think that Heidi and Spencer are really going to do that or are they just saying that to get back on?

Angela V. Shelton: You know what, if I - like I said, I don't know them very well. My immediate instinct is that they want to get back on the show for whatever reasons. And if they're able to - I have never seen them do any work in their lives -- not even on their other show -- so I'm not sure that work is something they're familiar with, so we'll see. I think if they could really strip away the artifice -- unless that is all there is -- they might actually really enjoy the experience and get something out of getting to know these people. But they're pretty closed off so my guess is that they want to get back on the show - I'm not so sure that has anything to do with really participating in it though.

So what's next for you?

Angela V. Shelton: Well - you know performing and acting and doing a radio show, we're going to keep doing stuff like that. I will never go to a jungle again for any reason. So other than that, the sky's the limit, you know.

Do you think Heidi and Spencer were getting like special treatment every time they quit the show?

Angela V. Shelton: No. There was a rumor about that -- you know, the jungle rumors - jungle rumors, jungle drama. John Salley said like, I think they're going and eating when they're not around us. And I don't know. I mean he was like, Spencer hasn't eaten in a day - I don't believe he hasn't been eating. And you know what, I will tell you my interaction with this production crew and with this show, they have not broken their rules on that stuff. So if they did it with Spencer and Heidi, they did it so - they did it extremely quietly and I wouldn't - I don't think they did. I think that Spencer and Heidi are Spencer and Heidi and they operate on a different form of energy than the rest of us which may in fact be the dark forces.

What's the lowest thing that you would say Heidi and Spencer did while on your time on the show?

Angela V. Shelton: I think that they - their attack on people. I think that they're first on, unprovoked. Beyond me sort of attacking and being physically threatening to me, I think, you know, he's - Spencer said the only thing that Torrey could sell is steroids. You know - I mean he's just - they're just sort of like - they - he's made some joke about me being overweight. It's just, you know - and I just looked at him and I was like, you're so sweet. He's - you know, he has a - they have a tendency towards low blows. But the thing is it's stupid about it is, like when he said it to me it was like, do you think I don't know I'm fat? You really seriously think you're hipping me to something? I mean I was like, yeah Spencer - okay. But they're kids. They're very immature I think. And so that's what kids do, right. You get on the playground and they say, your mom's stupid, you know. That's what they do. That's about the depth of their level of analysis.

I was wondering, who you going to be rooting for as the show continues?

Angela V. Shelton: Well, you know if Frances is there obviously Frances because she's by best friend and partner - performance partner. But I'm rooting for literally - you know, I mean to tell you, people keep asking me who's going to win. I'm putting my money on Torrey -- that's my girl Torrey. But I think that literally everybody there is really strong. Don't blink on Patty Blagojevich because that woman is strong too. But I think if I had to bet, I'd say you know, I'm putting my money on Frances of course if she's there, and then definitely Torrey. And then I'm thinking in Sanjaya and Stephen Baldwin and Lou Diamond are really, really strong competitors. And you know, Janice made it through the - she was on the UK version and she got up to the last two. I think she was like the last - she came in second. So, you know, she's a strong contender too. But Sanjaya is one with the jungle.

Are Heidi and Spencer really in love or could even that be for show?

Angela V. Shelton: Oh, let me tell you, you know what, you've just hit upon one of the positive things I can say about them. What Heidi and Spencer have shown me is there is truly somebody on this planet for everyone. Because these are two people who have literally found - together they are united, you know. And they definitely - I mean they cuddle, they're very loving to each other in their own weird, evil way. And they're just - they are definitely together - they are made for each other. That's a couple. They are perfect. They're different - they're both crazy - it's just - and they both like kind of take turns on some of the crazy. They're slightly different kinds of crazy a little bit both they're both - I'm telling you, it's a perfect match.

Now a lot of these things, do they tell you that these things are safe - like sticking your hand into a bunch of rats or are you really like taking your life into your own hands?

Angela V. Shelton: Well there are - I don't know what you can see on camera or not, but there are a ton of wranglers, you know. And there are hundreds of people involved in this production and they don't speak to us, but they're there. And there's a medical team and all that. So, I think that they really do make every effort to make sure that people don't get hurt. But of course, that's - I mean you have to know you're going to the jungle; you're going to get some cuts and bruises, you know. Should you be eaten by a rat; probably not, but I think that everybody - they really do - they really have gone out of their way to - from what I understand, the UK version is a lot harsher even. They've gone out of their way to be as safe as they can. I mean it's not about us - the point of the show isn't to see people get hurt, you know. The point of the show is to see people be challenged, you know, and to see what happens when people are in a really difficult environment together, and if you get to know anything new about them or they get to know anything new about themselves. And I don't think that - and I think the show - you don't have to hurt people to get that. So, you know, I do think it's definitely safe. And I mean there's so many rules about things you can and can't do. You know, they're watching you all the time. If you take even - if you look like you're about to take a step outside of the area that they've - you know made sure that they've got people watching you. They're like - get back, what are you doing - on the intercom, you know. There's always these guards that you can't see, they're all (unintelligible) out, but they're there. So they really do - they've really thoroughly gone - you know we got a big safety lecture like, don't eat things just because they look like food. You know, don't pick up interesting looking birds or animals - a lot of them are lethal. Like - you know, like please take seriously, if you start to feel any kind of thing that feels like the flu you must immediately tell someone because that may be dengue fever.

I wanted to ask one other thing; because you were the last two added to the show, they always said there was going to be ten people and then they made it 11 and added both you. Tell us how that went down? How close to when you were added did they start to talk to you. And since you described that you're not an outdoors person what was your thoughts about this?

Angela V. Shelton: Well we - you know, they asked us I think literally two weeks - like they asked us like on a Thursday and it was the - a week and a half after that we left for Costa Rica. So we were really, really last minute. And what happened was we just happened to be involved in like the showcase for another show, and the NBC people saw us there and they were like we'd love for you to take this last slot. So it was very like serendipitous and last minute.

What was the showcase?

Angela V. Shelton: Oh, it was just for somebody's like a pilot presentation for a friend of ours. It wasn't like for us but it was just we were, you know, sort of helping somebody do a pilot presentation, but they were there and they thought we were hysterical and they wanted us to be it and they had this slot and they wanted us to do it. And we - I'm going to tell you, I was extremely concerned. I mean Frances was done - she's not for years - but years ago she traveled around India and Africa. She is definitely better at roughing it than I am although she hasn't done it in years. But we are bourgeois people. We are bourgeois city people and so although we are not wealthy like some of those people, we - you know, I'm not used to having to purify my water. And actually it gave me a great new respect for the amount of privileges we have - and blessings we have in this country that most - a lot of us have -- not everyone unfortunately. But just to be able to have clean water, that's really hard. You know, there's so many places in the world where people don't.

I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! returns with a new two-hour episode tonight, Monday June 8 from 8 PM ET to 10 PM ET and the show will also air in its regular time slot on Tuesday, June 9 from 8 PM ET to 9 PM ET on NBC.