Angela Workman has been assigned the task of adapting Diane Ackerman's acclaimed historical novel The Zookeeper's Wife for Scion Films.

According to Variety, Scion's Jeff Abberley and Julia Blackman will produce the project alongside Tollin Productions Mike Tollin and Kim Zubick and Rowe/Miller's Diane Miller-Levin and Robbie Rowe-Tollin.

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This true story follows the harrowing plight of zookeepers Jan and Antonina Zabinski, who, during the German invasion of Poland during World War II, turned the Warsaw zoo into a safe haven for persecuted Jews. The Zabinskis kept hundreds of Jews hidden away in animal cages and inside their own private home, testing both their strength and will.

No production date has been set yet, and no director or actors have been announced at this time.