Lara Croft Tomb Radier: The Cradle Of Life: In a recent interview with The South End, Angelina Jolie spoke of this summer's Tomb Raider sequel, as well as the possibilities of a third film:

"This movie is more true to the game, it's more of a puzzle," Jolie said, referring to the basis for the films, the Playstation Tomb Raider video games. "There was a lot of feedback after the first [from fans]" which no doubt allowed the film to take on a new, more realistic course. "The first was more of a fantasy. It was so fantastical to me, and this one is more of a real person living in a real world."
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"The jet skiing I hated initially; it was the most challenging," Jolie said. "[But] the horseback riding and the trick shooting off the horse was fun." While filming the stunts was physically taxing, Jolie says that "training is more demanding than shooting." The is the result of Simon Crane, famed stunt coordinator, who's worked on four Bond films and the upcoming Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.
With all these factors in place, "Cradle" stands to be a far more action-packed film than the first. One of the problems critics had with the Tomb Raider film was that it lacked substance. "There were certain things about the first that were left unfinished," Jolie comments. "I wanted to explore the character more." And with this new character explanation, comes a love interest. "There is a love interest but the studio and I have a different idea on who that is," she laughs. "It's a very big question of trust [between Lara and her love] and that's a theme in the film." These are questions that will no doubt be answered on the film's July 25th release date.
But as Jolie embodies Croft so well, was there ever any doubt in her mind that this was the right role for her? "I was happy people accepted me," she said. "I didn't feel comfortable myself and they had to talk me into the shorts-there were long meetings about the shorts." Short shorts aside, Jolie doesn't fear being typecast as an action maven.
"I would definitely be open to it if the second is well-received and the audience wants one."

In addition, Tomb Raider Chronicles have posted up some new stills from the film which come from official postcards based on the film.

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