It was widely reported last week that actress Angelina Jolie was dropping out of the sequel Wanted 2 so that she could take part in Alfonso Cuaron's upcoming film Gravity. Now Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Jolie has dropped out of that project as well.

The script for Wanted 2 had been completed and Universal was set to move ahead with the production. Because Jolie's assassin played such a huge role in the film, production has stopped and it's not known whether or not the project will move ahead. It was believed that Jolie passed on the sequel to do Gravity, but Jolie's reps are now claiming that she has passed on that film as well.

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At this time, there has been no reason given as to why Jolie is no longer involved in the project. It has yet to be confirmed that Gravity is even set up at Warner Bros. any more. We will update you with news on this breaking story as it comes in.