Angelina Jolie:The Age recently sat down with actress Angelina Jolie to current projects, life, and love. In the interview she spoke briefly about some upcoming projects as well, including some nakedness with Brad Pitt in the upcoming film Mr. and Mrs. Smith...

The latest news, though, is not that she has a raunchy scene with Ethan Hawke in Taking Lives, but that she will bare her renowned breasts (and Brad Pitt his butt) for Mr & Mrs Smith, the tale of husband-and-wife contract killers hired to kill each other. Then there's the action-adventure Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, in which she appears alongside another short actor, Jude Law. She's also voiced a character in the animated movie Shark Tale.

Yet the film most up her alley is the story of Alexander the Great, as much because she finally gets to work with Stone. Alexander also happens to have one of the biggest budgets in filmmaking history.

"It's a strange thing. I'm Alexander's mother when he's seven and then he grows up, but I'm still his mother when Alexander is played by Colin, so they aged me. It was a bold choice for Oliver, because some people thought it was crazy, and at the same time Oliver believes it's the spirit of the person that should match the character. I hope he's right."

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