Shark Tale:Mr. and Mrs. Smith's Angelina Jolie, who also voices Lola the fish in DreamWorks' upcoming animated film Shark Tale, told SCI FI Wire that doing an animated movie was something new for her.

"It's been an amazing process, to do an animated film is a very different experience," Jolie said in an press briefing in Los Angeles. "It's been years of kind of coming in...I think the first time I did it, I came in trying to make voices, and I hate my own voice, like most people. You listen to yourself on the phone and answering machine, and you think 'Ugh.'" But, she added, the filmmakers wanted her voice just as is. "I felt safer changing my voice, but they didn't let me," she said. "They wanted it just as my voice."

Jolie co-stars with Will Smith, who plays a feckless fish named Oscar who gains popularity when he takes credit for the death of a shark criminal. Jolie's character tempts Smith's Oscar. "I'm the bad fish," Jolie said. "My mom actually said ... 'Why are you the bad fish, honey? ... You're a good person!'"

But Jolie said the animators came up with a full character for her to voice. "When I was invited in to meet with them on Shark Tale, they brought me into this room, and there were all these different pictures of fish. And they were going to explain to me which fish [I] was, what they wanted me to do. And I kind of looked around, and I saw this fish that ... I could see Will doing. ... And then I saw this fish with this big, red mouth and pointy eyebrows, and I thought, 'They can talk as long as they want. I know I'm that fish.' And that was my fish. So I saw her immediately, and I knew. And I liked her. ... It was kind of more just filling those shoes, because they made her a very sparkly, sexy [character]." Shark Tale opens October 1st.