Actress Angelina Jolie has become attached to star in Gertrude Bell for director/producer Ridley Scott. We first reported on this project back in March, when Ridley Scott signed on to direct.

Gertrude Bell became a seminal Middle East figure in the early 1900s, after leaving her upper-class English roots behind. She established the boundaries and framework for what would become the countries Jordan and Iraq. During World War I, she became a spy for British Intelligence, and her work helped put an end to the Ottoman Empire.

Jeffrey Caine (The Constant Gardener) wrote the screenplay, which is currently being reworked to suit Angelina Jolie. The project isn't set up at a studio quite yet.

Gertrude Bell is reportedly one of three projects that Ridley Scott may direct after he finishes work on Prometheus. Gucci is another movie the director is considering, but it isn't known when Ridley Scott will choose what his next project will be.