The creators of 5G Zombies unleash Angry Asian Murder Hornets with first poster. Production is already underway and nearing completion on the thriller. It was only a matter of time before the world's largest hornet species, which were discovered late last year in Washington state, were given their own movie. The two-inch long hornets have been destroying bee colonies across North America and have been killing up to 50 people a year in Japan. In other words, the "Murder Hornets" are the perfect subject for a low budget horror thriller.

The Angry Asian Murder Hornets plot involves a fictional invasion of giant, mutated Murder Hornets in Southern California, and it's up to the local Anthropologist to find a way to destroy them before it's too late. The movie is a modern throwback to 1950's era giant critter flicks. Even looking at the poster, one can already tell that the movie is going to be great. The image is of a man's face as a "Murder Hornet" rips through, via his eye socket. It's unclear how the hornet got in his head to begin with, but that's not really the point here.

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Director Dustin Ferguson (aka Dark Infinity) and Assistant Director Erik Anthony Russo have teamed up to unleash Angry Asian Murder Hornets to DVD and VOD on June 1st from SCS Entertainment. The movie is currently wrapping production in Los Angeles, with Shawn C. Phillips (Chillerama), Sheri Davis (Axegrinder 2), John R. Walker (Ouijageist) and Jarad Allen (Axed To Pieces) in starring roles. While we currently only have the poster, the team expects to have the first trailer for the movie ready for release by next week. This crew works very fast.

5G Zombies was just released last week, which is pretty incredible since the 5G conspiracies have only recently been given a decent amount of attention. The trailer for the movie teased some ultra-low budget scares and it is believed Angry Asian Murder Hornets will do the same, but with gore. The "Murder Hornets" are also a recent news trend, which means Dustin Ferguson and Erik Anthony Russo have been paying attention to the current news cycles.

Most of the world is only starting to learn about the "Murder Hornets" now, and it's pretty grim. In addition to being massive, they can also sting through protective beekeeping suits and their venom is equivalent to that of a venomous snake. If that wasn't enough, they can sting multiple times. The hornets have also been destroying bee colonies while decapitating bees to feed their children. However, there may be some good news on the way about these giant insects as it appears that praying mantises can kill the "Murder Hornets." The praying mantis brutally murders the hornets by attacking it, and then eating its brains. While that sounds like another C-level horror movie, it's real-life. You can head over to the Kunaki website to get your hands on Angry Asian Murder Hornets starting June 1st.

Angry Asian Murder Hornets - poster