Don Murphy's Angryfilms has picked up sci-fi author and blogger Cory Doctorow's young-adult novel Little Brother, with plans to adapt it for the big screen.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Little Brother is a play on Big Brother of George Orwell fame, and centers on a high school senior who, after a terrorist attack blows up San Francisco's Bay Bridge, becomes swept up in the extralegal world of Homeland Security. After he and his friends are interrogated and tortured, he is released into a city that is under total surveillance. The teen leads an Internet-fueled rebellion to rescue his friends and free the city.

The book tackles many themes, including civil liberties and social activism, that are close to the heart of Doctorow, a Canadian advocate of liberalizing copyright laws. Despite his offering the book for free on the Internet, Little Brother still hit best-seller charts, boosted by stellar reviews and recommendations from authors including Neil Gaiman.

Doctorow, who co-edits the blog, also wrote the novel "Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom."

Murphy and his Angryfilms partner Susan Montford, who are producing, are out to writers and directors.

No production date has been set.