Superman The Animated Series: Volume One: Warner Brothers Home Video has announced a December 7th release of Superman The Animated Series: Volume One. This 2-disc/18-episode set from the popular TV series portraying the man and hero as human while keeping the comic-book action going at full speed, each animated adventure is a fast-paced spellbinder. Beginning with his arrival on Earth, Superman finds his place in his adopted home and accepts his role as its champion -- facing mortal enemy Lex Luthor and countless other criminals from the Weather Wizard to the Toyman. The set will reportedly retail for around $26.99.

Features will include:

• 1.33:1 Full Frame

• English, French and Spanish subtitles

• Audio Commentary on "The Last Son Of Krypton Part 1", "Stolen Memories", "The Main Man Part" and "Tools of the Trade" by Bruce Timm, Producer; Paul Dini, Producer; Alan Burnett, Producer; Dan Riba, Director; Curt Geda, Director; and Glen Murakami, Art Director.

• Superman: Learning to Fly - A featurette exploring the creation of Superman: The Animated Series, including interviews with talent, creators and DC Comics (10mins)

• Building the Mythology: Superman's Supporting Cast - A featurette focusing on the supporting cast of Superman including Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Perry White, and Jonathan and Martha Kent (10mins)

• A Little Piece of Trivia - Pop up trivia over the "A Little Piece of Home" episode