Universal Pictures is developing an adaptation of K.A. Applegate's best selling book series Animorphs. The books were previously adapted into a 1998 TV series entitled Animorphs, which ran for two seasons on Nickelodeon and starred Shawn Ashmore, Boris Cabrera, Brooke Nevin and Paulo Costanzo. Deborah Forte has signed on to produce, although it isn't known how far into development this project is.

The Animorphs books followed a group of teens who come across a crashed alien spaceship. The dying alien grants them each the power to transform into any animal they think of, as they dub themselves the Animorphs. The young teens use these new powers to take on a group of aliens who have invaded our planet in secret, disguised as humans. It isn't known if there is a specific story in the long-running book series that will be used for this adaptation.

There were 54 Animorphs novels that were published, which became recognizable since each book cover would showcase a character transforming into an animal. Producer Deborah Forte's company SilverTongue Films was specifically formed to oversee adaptations of Scholastic Books properties, through a three-year deal with Universal Pictures. While this project doesn't have a writer or director attached, the studio is currently seeking filmmakers.

The Tracking Board's report reveals the studio wants a writer to craft a story that heavily focuses on sci-fi aspects of this story. They are also contemplating bringing in a writer-director with a proven eye for sci-fi material, with filmmakers such as Joe Cornish (Attack the Block) and Gavin Hood (Ender's Game) mentioned as "templates" for the type of filmmaker they're seeking. It isn't known if the studio is actually reaching out to those aforementioned filmmakers or not.

Deborah Forte served as an executive producer on the original Animorphs TV series, and she also executive produces Sony's Goosebumps adaptation, arriving in theaters this October. She is also working on Universal's Clifford the Big Red Dog adaptation that is currently in development. Are you excited to see the Animorphs hit the big screen?