The official Anna Kendrick Twitter account was hacked over the weekend. The actress' account tweeted out a series of NSFW and offensive messages. Shortly before 6pm on Saturday, tweets were sent out to Kendrick's 7.2 million followers that used offensive language. Sentences like, "shoutout my n***a james bro" and "funky in this bih n***a," along with "Lucas Berry Runs the Scene," are just a sample of the thirty messages that were tweeted out to millions of people. In addition, the official website was changed on Kendrick's account to ""

Fans of Anna Kendrick immediately knew that her Twitter account had been hacked. Within 30 minutes, all of the offensive tweets were deleted and Kendrick's website went back to promoting her New York Times Best Seller book of personal essays, titled Scrappy Little Nobody. A representative for the actress later confirmed that her client's official Twitter account had been compromised. However, even after the tweets were deleted, they were saved by Kendrick fans and are easily found online, thanks to the screenshot function of phones and computers.

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"NuBLoM" was mentioned repeatedly in the hacked Anna Kendrick tweets ("NuBLoM the f***ing God"). The name has reportedly been connected to a number of high-profile social media hacks over the past several months. It is believed that the group is connected to "The Chuckling Squad," which was involved in social media hacks of Chloë Grace Moretz and Twitter CEO Ryan Dorsey's accounts. It is also believed that one person who is heavily connected to "The Chuckling Squad" was arrested last year. "He was a member of Chuckling Squad but not anymore. He was an active member for us by providing celebs/public figure [phone] numbers and helped us hack them," according to law enforcement.

The last tweet that Anna Kendrick posted was on December 1st in support of Elliot Page's announcement. "Elliot Page's words here are so beautiful and so eloquent, and he is reminding me that we can all be brave and joyful, even when things are scary. And this year especially, that reminder is such a GIFT. Sending them love/praise/gratitude/well-wishes etc etc etc etc," she said. Before that, her tweets were used as platform to promote her book, along with some political posts encouraging her millions of followers to vote in the 2020 Presidential Election.

Anna Kendrick's Instagram account, which boasts over 17 million followers, does not seem to have been compromised. The actress has not been very active on the social media platform, with her last post back in June of this year. The Pitch Perfect actress has yet to say anything publicly about her Twitter account sending out NSFW and offensive message, though someone will probably ask her all about it in an upcoming interview. While the tweets have been deleted, you can check them out above, thanks to Slowly Decomposing's Twitter account.