The latest chapter in the ever-growing Conjuring universe is here and the verdict is in. Annabelle Comes Home, based on the early indication from Rotten Tomatoes, may not be at the top of the food chain with this franchise, but it's apparently not half bad! Granted, Rotten Tomatoes is just a general indicator. That said, as far as third entries in a horror spin-off franchise go, this doesn't seem to be a bad bet for those who are looking for a little bit of spooky business at the movies this weekend.

Annabelle Comes Home actually hits theaters today, as Warner Bros. and New Line are looking to get a jump on the competition this weekend. As such, we've already got a critic and audience score. On the critical side, the movie has a decent 64 percent approval rating, with 69 reviews counted. The audience rating is a bit better, currently sitting at 74 percent. Again, as these things go, that's pretty encouraging. Especially considering how not-great the first Annabelle was. The studio certainly has done a fine job of turning this ship around.

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As far as the overall franchise goes, The Conjuring is still the king of the hill, as director James Wan's horror masterpiece boasts an 85 percent approval rating. At the bottom of the barrel is last year's The Nun, which carried a pretty poor 26 percent rating. Oddly enough, that's actually the highest-grossing entry in the series to date, having grossed $365 million worldwide. It speaks volumes about the viability of this universe. Annabelle Comes Home is squarely in the middle of the pack in the number four spot, just ahead of The Curse of La Llorona (30 percent) and behind Annabelle: Creation (70 percent).

Annabelle Comes Home centers on Ed and Lorraine Warren who are determined to keep the evil doll from wreaking more havoc on the world. So, they bring the beacon for evil to their locked artifacts room in their home, placing her safely (or so they think) behind sacred glass, while also enlisting a priest's holy blessing. However, a night of horror awaits the Warren's young daughter (played by McKenna Grace) and her babysitters (played by Madison Iseman and Katie Sarife) as Annabelle is awakened and brings the evil spirits in the room to life.

Gary Dauberman, who has penned several entries in the franchise previously, makes his directorial debut here. The horror flick will be competing against another evil doll in the form of Chucky in the Child's Play remake at the box office. But things are looking good for Annabelle Comes Home, as it's expected to bring in $30 million or more by the end of the weekend. With that in mind, we should expect to hear about further entries in the series sooner rather than later beyond The Conjuring 3, which is currently filming. To see more of what critics are saying, head on over to Rotten Tomatoes.