Open Range: Annette Bening will join Kevin Costner, Robert Duvall and Michael Gambon in the film which will mark Costner's return to the director's chair.

X-Men2: Newcomer Aaron Stanford will take on the role of Pyro in this follow-up for director Bryan Singer.

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Alamo: A tipster calling himself "PJ," has written us with this little bit of Texas news: "I spoke with a historian who spent several hours with Ron Howard looking at locations for the movie around Austin. Try Billy Bob Thornton for Colonel Crockett. Also, look for the most accurate recreation of the Alamo (much more than just a chapel) ever down there."

Big Box-Office: Just thought this was noteworthy... This past weekend hit $200.4 million dollars in box-office, making it the biggest weekend in box-office history according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Something Extra: As a rule, I try to stay away from television completely. Ok. I have my weaknesses (Alias), but doesn't everyone? Lately, I've become addicted to MTV... because of The Osbournes of course. Well. I may have a new vice very soon. Like so many shows that are horrible, but yet seem to hold you in rapt attention when flipping channels, here comes (and no, I'm not joking): The Anna Nicole Smith Show (title may change) on the E! Entertainment Network. In the press release, it's described as, "reminiscent of The Osbournes, the latest E! original series will follow the former Playboy Centerfold in a candid and compelling look into her private life." Hmm. Candid and compelling. It'll be like when you see a wreck on the freeway and you can't help but look. I, for one, can't wait... at least for the pilot.

Thanks to: PJ and The Hollywood Reporter.

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