Alexander:The Rope Of Silicon have gotten another huge report from the set of the Oliver Stone directed epic, Alexander, from an insider working on the current production in Thailand...

The scenes that were described finished shooting on Tuesday of this week and I will warn you now that if you don’t know anything about Alexander the Great there is a bit of a spoiler involved with this recap, and with that said let’s get to it…

The shooting covers a span of eight days, all of which were battle scenes and Colin Farrell was involved at full tilt playing the role of Alexander the Great. Other notables on hand were Jared Leto, Rory McCann, Ian Beattie, and Elliot Cowan.

It is worth mention that Jared Leto plays the role of Hephaestion a Macedonian nobleman, closest friend and alleged lover of Alexander the Great and Ian Beattie plays Antigonus, one of the oldest and ablest of Alexander's Macedonian generals.

The first scenes that were shot involved the attack on the elephants by the Macedonians that I described in my first set report as the choppers are led by Antigonus into battle against the elephants, only this time the elephants were there in full force.

Our insider describes it, "the elephants were decorated in gold plate looking armor with carriage baskets on the back for carrying passengers, they were going up on two feet, spinning around very fast, and moving forward and backwards. We were attacking the elephants from each side, basically, we had one guy at each leg."

"We were very, very close to the elephants and it was a bit difficult not to get stepped on. My adrenaline was pumping because, on one hand, I'm doing my job by acting like an elephant slayer and on the other hand I'm doing my job by trying to stay alive! All of us were a bit wide eyed after each take."

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Thanks to 'Brad'