It seems the life story of eccentric car maker John DeLorean is being sought after for yet another production. According to Variety, Time Inc. Films and XYZ Films are teaming up on a John DeLorean biopic film.

There are already two competing productions that are telling DeLorean's story - one with Brett Ratner directing and James Toback writing and another with producers David Permut and Steven Lee Jones, who obtained DeLorean's life rights through DeLorean's attorney - but this film will have the cooperation of both DeLorean's son, Zachary, the executor of his estate, and his longtime business partner, Fred Dellis.

The film will be based off of a number of materials including articles from Time and Fortune magazines, the book "Grand Delusions" by Hillel Levin and an unpublished memoir written by DeLorean himself.

No production schedule was given on the film.