A new picture from Ant-Man and the Wasp, featuring Scott Lang and Hope Van Dyne in full costume together, was released earlier this week and many Marvel fans shared the picture to social media. Some fans picked up that the costumes have hidden designs of their respective insects on these suits, while friends of fans picked up on something else entirely. Upon closer inspection, Hope Van Dyne's Wasp costume appears to have a giant penis and testicles front and center, and now it's hard to un-see this giant phallic message.

This is beyond the blink really fast for 10 seconds and then look to reveal the hidden image. No, the penis stuck on Evangeline Lilly and her Wasp costume isn't even hiding, it's just right there in your face and it's really, really hard to believe that nobody at Marvel noticed. The testicles are the breast plates on the suit while the rest of the imagery points down to Lily's genitals with two red marks on each side to finish off the image and accentuate the phallic nature of the new suit in Ant-Man and The Wasp. Seriously, a belt would have gone a long way (no pun intended) to hide the giant phallic image that permanently rests on the Wasp's suit.

It didn't take the internet long to figure out the phallic nature of the picture once Marvel fans started sharing it. One Twitter user simply turned the image upside down and now it's definitely male genitalia, no doubt about it. Another Twitter user summed it up pretty much perfectly by saying, "I find it really hard to believe that not a single person noticed the design on the front of Wasp's suit looked like a penis pointing right between her legs..." The MCU may have just found itself in the world of Henry Cavil's mustache in Justice League. Will they try and digitally manipulate it so that it doesn't look like a giant penis and testicles on Hope Van Dyne's Wasp suit? Seriously though, a belt could easily fix this mess because everybody sees it now.

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This follows some astute observation from Arthur C. Burnright, who was one of the few writers last year that took Wonder Woman to task for the phallic imagery on her skirt. It was a lot less obvious than what we have here, but in a long drawn out essay that rankled quite a few fans, he pointed out that the front flap of Gal Gadot's skirt was hanging right in front of her crotch and served as a subliminal male member of sorts, with the two shorter pleats behind it edged up where the testicles should be. Many called Burnright crazy, and claimed he was seeing something that wasn't there. Now we may have to rethink the intent behind Wonder Woman's costume, too. What are Marvel and DC doing? In an age of girl power, why are they putting male phallic imagery on their costumes. Wonder Woman, perhaps an oversight, with a cigar just being a cigar, but now this? Reached for comment about Wasp's new costume, Burnright simply stated, 'Possibly pushing a Trans power agenda? There is also an Osiris/Egyptian mystery school connection.' We must point out that these are Burnright's thoughts and not our own. This all might just be a big mistake on Marvel's part.

Other than this obvious misstep, the picture from Ant-Man 2 is pretty awesome since it's the first time that we've seen Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lily's characters together in full costume. For all we know, the phallic imagery on the Wasp's suit might be a running gag in the movie. And meant to illicit laughs. But that would seem a little risqué for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, wouldn't it? On the other hand, Disney is no stranger to myths like these being started. We've all seen the giant golden phallic piece of King Triton's castle on the cover of The Little Mermaid, which, though it was changed, was reportedly a coincidence.

Ant-Man and The Wasp opens in theaters on July 6th, 2018, so hopefully a new trailer or teaser will be coming really soon. As for the penis on the Wasp's suit, there's no further information as Marvel has yet to release a statement in response to what everybody can clearly see. You can check out the new image from Ant-Man and The Wasp below and see what you think. Is it a phallic symbol or just a coincidence? The picture was made available by Disney.

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