Marvel Studios is gearing up to make the MCU even bigger, by opening up their roster of heroes to cosmic characters and pumping out a more diverse lineup of movies than ever. Michelle Pfeiffer, who appeared in Ant-Man and the Wasp in a crucial role, was recently asked at the premiere of her upcoming film Maleficent if she would like to reprise her MCU character in Ant-Man 3, and she happily answered in the affirmative.

"It's possible if there is one. Oh yeah!"

This is good news for Ant-Man fans, since a return of Janet Van Dyne, who was the original Wasp, and also the wife of the original Ant-Man Hank Pym, would mean a continuation of the story of the quantum realm, which was teased in the first Ant-Man and further expanded on in the sequel.

In Ant-Man and the Wasp, we found out that Janet, who was previously thought to have died after having shrunk down in size so far that she slipped between the cracks of reality as we know it and entered the quantum realm, has actually been surviving in the realm on her own for years.

After the new Ant-Man and Wasp team help Hank Pym rescue his wife, they discover that living in the quantum realm for so long has granted Janet a strange set of powers. It is also hinted that anyone else who comes into direct contact with the realm over a long period has their physiology changed and develops superpowers.

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The quantum realm promises to be for the MCU what the mutant gene is for Marvel comics, and by that we mean it will be responsible for granting normal people superpowers and can be used as a plausible explanation for new characters who had previously been ordinary humans gaining superpowers and taking up the mantle of superheroes who had previously been barred from the MCU because they were owned by Fox Studios.

Now those characters are under Disney's control and can be safely used in future movies. Characters such as Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer, and the X-Men. It has long been speculated by fans that the quantum realm is going to be used as an explanation as to how the Fantastic Four and X-Men have always existed within the MCU, but only recently gained their powers and became superheroes.

The ending of Antman and the Wasp was a bit of a downer, to say the least, with Ant-Man stuck in the quantum realm and the new Wasp, Hank and Janet reduced to dust after Thanos' snap. But Avengers: Endgame brought back Ant-Man and the Wasp, and presumably the others as well. Though we didn't see Michelle Pfeiffer on screen in that blockbuster sequel.

With that said, the new lineup of movies currently under development that Disney has released so far does not feature the third Ant-Man movie, leading fans to fear that the series might have been canceled. This could mean that the characters from Ant-Man may very well only show up in future MCU movies in supporting roles for other franchises and projects, much like the Hulk only appears in Avengers films and that one Thor movie. This news comes from

Neeraj Chand