After Infinity War, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans need something lighthearted and Ant-Man 2 seems like it will deliver the fun this summer. Two new TV spots for the upcoming MCU project are pretty funny while highlighting the amazing powers of the villainous Ghost. The more serious aspects of the film have yet to be featured in any of the promotional material for the highly anticipated sequel, but there will be some heavy moments when the Quantum Realm is explored to find Janet van Dyne.

In the first of the new Ant-Man 2 TV commercials, Michael Pena's Luis is excited to be a part of the team this time around. Towards the end of the 46-second clip, Luis is talking to Evangeline Lilly's Hope van Dyne, asking about the possibility of getting his own suit. Luis says that his suit can have less powers or maybe no powers at all, but Hope is pretty adamant that Luis won't get his wish. Who knows, maybe he will get his own suit by the end of the movie though, possibly an honorary suit.

As for the second of the new Ant-Man 2 TV spots, Paul Rudd's Scott Lang seems to be having some difficulty with his own suit. He appears to be stuck in the size of a small child, leading to some pretty funny jokes at his expense from Hope and Hank Pym. The rest of the footage is made up of the previously seen pieces that involve the amazing power of Ghost, who looks like a force to be reckoned with after she steals Hank's tech.

While all of the promotional spots for Ant-Man 2 are putting the focus on the fun, we do know that the movie will have a pretty big impact in setting up Avengers 4. While nothing has been confirmed at this point in time, it is believed that the Quantum Realm will have a pretty significant role in defeating Thanos and bringing back Michelle Pfeiffer's Janet van Dyne along with the rest of the fallen heroes from Infinity War. Additionally, it is also believed that Captain Marvel will also factor into the Quantum Realm, which if true, means that Ant-Man 2 is some pretty strong connective tissue for the third phase of the MCU while also setting up the next phase as well.

Ant-Man 2 hits theaters on July 6th, which is just around the corner, so we will learn really soon just how much it will set up Avengers 4 and even Captain Marvel. As usual, Marvel Studios is keeping the lid on pretty tightly, so specific information about the upcoming sequel is hard to come by. However, screenings will be taking place, along with the world premiere, in the coming weeks, so if you're trying to avoid spoilers, you might want to be extra careful. While we wait for Ant-Man 2 to open on the big screen, you can check out the latest TV spots below, thanks to the Marvel Entertainment YouTube channel.

Kevin Burwick