Warning! If you've stayed away from the more recent promotional push for Ant-Man, there will be SPOILERS in this story. But if you've been watching all of the footage that has come out, leading up to this week's release, you'll know that at least one of the Avengers shows up. Yes, Anthony Mackie returns as Falcon after being established as one of the New Avengers at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron. And he has a pretty great scene with Paul Rudd's Scott Lang. This, of course, sets the stage for a crucial Captain America: Civil War Easter Egg that most fans will miss. Especially if they don't know to look for it.

As Scott accepts Hank Pym's offer to become the Ant-Man, he is put through a series of tests as part of his training. One of those tests includes a secret mission. He must infiltrate the Avenger's new training center, which he believes to be an abandoned warehouse that used to belong to Tony Stark. He soon finds out that is not he case, as he is confronted by The Falcon. While this is a pretty neat Marvel crossover, there is more going on than might first meet the eye. About the cool Easter Egg hidden here in plain sight, Marvel President Kevin Feige tells Fandango the following.

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"If you were to freeze the frame when Ant-Man is flying over the Avengers facility, there are new landmarks and buildings in that frame that you won't see until Captain America: Civil War."

The scene reportedly happens very fast, as Scott Lang descends from the clouds on the back of a flying ant. It is here that he notices the building he is about to infiltrate belongs to The Avengers. Soon, he is standing face-to-face with The Falcon. Kevin Feige doesn't say too much more about the scene in question, so it's unclear what new Avengers building we're looking at. First instinct would say it was the Avengers new training campus, which was introduced at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron. But we've already seen that. Kevin Feige did, however, reveal just how Falcon ended up in the movie.

"That came about in a really natural way, and it was actually the idea of Paul Rudd and Adam McKay. Peyton Reed had pointed out that in heist films, there's usually a preheist. There's usually a little adventure mission the characters need to go on before the primary heist - to get a tool, or get a device. I said that would be cool, and not only that but I also told them we were introducing a whole new Avengers facility at the end of Age of Ultron. So not only could they encounter the Falcon, but it would make sense if he had to go to what he believed was an old Stark facility and was unaware it had now become a major Avengers facility. It sort of naturally spiraled like that."

Not only do we come baring this news of a Captain America: Civil War Easter egg, but we also have to new video to share with you. The first is yet another TV spot, which shows off a lot of the footage we've already seen with a few quick clips that are entirely new. The real treat comes from a new clip, though. It features one of Ant-Man's best action scenes, with Scott Lang taking out a number of guards while running away from bullets. Check it out here!