Marvel held their world premiere for Ant-Man at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood on Monday, where cast and crew attended along with several members of the Marvel family. One such guest was Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn, who revealed on his|Facebook page earlier this week that Ant-Man was his favorite Marvel movie since 2008's Iron Man. Take a look at the director's full statement below.

"Ant-Man may just be my favorite Marvel film since Jon Favreau's Iron Man (well, maybe excluding one film to which I'm partial). Honestly, the movie is a complete blast! I was so happy after seeing it. It's never boring for a second and it's hilarious and warm throughout. It doesn't get caught up in the webbing of its own science-fiction concept like so many movies do these days, remaining simple and elegant. It's a part of the Marvel universe without being ruled by that fact. Paul Rudd is nuanced and charming and funny and is a surprisingly natural fit as a modern superhero (side-fact - Paul Rudd must be a nice guy, because he and I dated the same girl in college, and yet I still love him). Michael Pena KILLS IT - this movie is going to make him a huge star. My old pal Judy Greer (she was Deadly Girl to my Minute Man in The Specials (film) many moons ago) is great in a small role. And Michael Douglas is awesome. I think all of Peyton Reed's years directing have led him to making something as deft and nimble and joyous as this; he did an incredible job. And, despite Edgar Wright's parting from Marvel, his spirit is felt through the entire project, and there is no doubt everyone owes him a huge debt of gratitude. I left the theater incredibly happy. So often I see movies by people I love which are just okay - it's great to love a movie as much as I love the people who made it."

James Gunn certainly isn't alone in his praise for Ant-Man, with several positive reactions coming through from various social media outlets shortly after the film was screened for critics. Are you looking forward to this superhero movie even more now that it has James Gunn's stamp of approval? Let us know what you think, and stay tuned for more on Ant-Man as we get closer to the July 17 release.