With production currently under way on Marvel's Phase Three adventure Ant-Man, new details have surfaced about the production from stars Michael Pena and actor/rapper T.I..

While promoting his World War II movie Fury, Michael Pena praised the work of co-stars Paul Rudd and David Dastmalchian, although it still isn't clear who exactly Michael Pena is playing.

"So far, it's really really good working on the movie. Paul Rudd is amazing [and] I know he's gonna be awesome as Ant-Man. David Dastmalchian is a really good actor and he's really funny in [Ant-Man]. I can't wait to keep shooting."

The actor also spoke about the level of secrecy involved in the production, revealing he has to sign forms in order to get a script while on the set.

"Dude! It's a machine, man! And I understand now because, like, in order for me to get a script, I have to sign stuff. Somebody's got to deliver it straight to me, and I can only have one copy. They're very, very like protective of their scripts. And I didn't quite understand why. And then I've seen like a couple articles on how a movie script gets leaked, especially for Marvel, then the movie doesn't do as well. Because it gets out -everybody knows the story. And with a Marvel movie in particular, you want to be surprised. You want to be awed by something. And it doesn't really work because it's always kind of a mystery. So if you know everything about the murder mystery, it's not gonna be as exciting."

He also briefly discussed reading the original script by Edgar Wright, and went on to praise producer Kevin Feige.

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"I read the script with Edgar Wright in the beginning. It was really cool. He's another guy that when you talk to him and you realize his vision elevates what was already awesome on the page. Then, it didn't work out with him. But, I'm still on it. It's that Marvel way of doing movies, which is really interesting. Kevin Feige is killing it."

In related news, Atlanta-based rapper/actor T.I. shed new light on his character, who was once thought to be a villain. As it turns out, the actor is actually playing a friend of Paul Rudd's Scott Lang.

"I play [Ant-Man's] homeboy. It's four of us and each of us is an ex-con, including Ant-Man."

When asked if he is being typecast because of his background, the actor had this to say.

"Not really; you could say so, but I'm actually more reformed in the movie than I am in real life."

What do you think about these new details? Chime in with your thoughts below, and stay tuned for more on Ant-Man as production continues in Atlanta.