When most Marvel movies are in production, there will be any number of spoilers leaked on the Internet. Some are true, some are false and some are just plain bizarre. When Ant-Man was in production last year, it too was the victim of various rumors. A lot of them revolving around the appearance of Yellowjacket, who was fully revealed in the very last trailer. Now that Captain America: Civil War is currently in production, there is quite a bit leaking from that set as well. With Ant-Man just a few months away from release, director Peyton Reed has decided to mock the deluge of Marvel spoilers by leaking the ending to his own movie. Of course, it is fake.

Peyton Reed went on Twitter yesterday to announce he'd be spoiling Ant-Man in two parts. Though, both reveals are actually from Fred Hembeck Destroys the Marvel Universe, a one-shot comic book that revolved around killing off every superhero on earth whether they are on the side of good or evil. The pages included here show Ant-Man's dire fate. Crackers, the hero of this one-shot spoof, finds the diminutive crime fighter battling the Water Wizard and blasts the Avenger into an unconscious state. Ant-Man hits the door of a suburban home, where an old lady discovers his wet body. She puts him in the microwave to dry him off, and this is how Marvel's next big movie star reaches his rousing climax.

Fred Hembeck was well known for creating classic comic book parodies, his most famous of which was the Fantastic Four Roast. In it, the entire Marvel universe showed up to poke fun at this family of superheroes (who are getting their own reboot this summer). All of the spoofs he created were published by the owners of the characters he was going after. Fred Hembeck Destroys the Marvel Universe was published by Marvel in 1989. While we're surely not going to witness these events in the actual movie, perhaps Ant-Man has a run-in with a microwave? Until July, we won't know. In the meantime, enjoy this superhero's fate as once envisioned by Fred Hembeck courtesy of director Peyton Reed himself:

B. Alan Orange