When Edgar Wright stepped away from directing Ant-Man, fans weren't the only ones left disappointed. The cast, too, have expressed their feelings about his departure, and it was never more felt than during Comic-Con 2014, where Paul Rudd more than anyone seemed saddened by the whole affair. Sometimes, he didn't even look as though he wanted to still be associated with the production.

In a new interview, Michael Douglas, who plays inventor of the Ant-Man suit Hank Pym, sounds like he is starting to change his tune. He shared his feelings on losing Edgar Wright and gaining Peyton Reed.

In the process, he revealed that he hasn't shot any of his scenes yet. But that will change very soon, calling the whole affair a 'wild beast'.

"He's good. I haven't started yet, actually...I go down tomorrow, and it's my first day. So I've met him a couple times, but he seems to be in control of this beast, this wild beast."

Even though Edgar Wright is no longer involved with Ant-Man, the iconic actor expressed his faith in Marvel.

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"Marvel has got it down to a science, pretty much, and they've got kind of a phenomenal track record. I love this picture they did this summer, Guardians of the Galaxy. It's really good!"

Overall, it sounds like Michael Douglas is happy with the direction his superhero movie is headed, and is looking forward to his future at Marvel.

"I think [Guardians of the Galaxy has] given Marvel the confidence to step out in this whole new area, so I'm looking forward to adding to it."

Michael Douglas arrived on the Ant-Man set this week to shoot his first scenes. Can set photos of the actor in action be too far behind?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange