The first trailer for Ant-Man that was released last night offered the first real look at this Phase Two adventure, which had been in development at Marvel for nearly a decade. Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish wrote the initial script several years ago, which Edgar Wright was slated to direct until he surprisingly left the project back in May 2013. Last night, shortly after the Ant-Man trailer debuted, Marvel sent out an email to press members, which revealed that Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish will receive a "story by" credit for Ant-Man, with Adam McKay and star Paul Rudd receiving full screenplay credit.

Shortly after Edgar Wright's departure, Adam McKay was one of the many filmmakers Marvel sought out to take over as director, although he also pulled out of negotiations last May. A few weeks later, Marvel announced that Peyton Reed has signed on to direct, with Adam McKay, "contributing to the film's script." It wasn't known at the time how extensive Adam McKay's rewrite would be, but the writer later revealed in October that he spent six to eight weeks with Paul Rudd rewriting the script. It seems the revisions were extensive enough to grant both Adam McKay and Paul Rudd full screenplay credit.

Other Marvel movies have issued story credits to the original writers. Zak Penn received story credit for his original Marvel's The Avengers script, which was extensively rewritten by director Joss Whedon. Nicole Perlman received a story credit for her Guardians of the Galaxy script, which was originally written through Marvel's writer's program, before James Gunn came on board to write and direct.

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In additional Ant-Man news, Film Music Reporter reveals that Christophe Beck has signed on to provide the score. The composer previously worked with Ant-Man filmmaker Peyton Reed on his 2000 directorial debut, Bring It On. His other notable credits include all three Hangover movies, Frozen and Edge of Tomorrow, along with upcoming movies such as Hot Tub Time Machine 2, Terminator Genisys and The Peanuts Movie.