Stitch Kingdom received an updated synopsis for Marvel's Ant-Man, which is slightly altered from the original plot description released back in August. The change involves Paul Rudd's Scott Lang, who, was listed as a con man in the original press release, but now he has been upgraded, so to speak, to a "master thief," as you can see below.

Why was the change made? We don't know for sure, but it's possible that this is one of the changes made by Adam McKay and Paul Rudd when they worked on a rewrite of the original script by Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish. Then again, another pair of writers, Gabriel Ferrari and Andrew Barrer, were brought on in July, just before production started, for a final polish.

It's worth noting that the "TBD" listing on the screenplay credit could mean that significant script changes are still happening as production continues in Atlanta, but, since three sets of writers tackled this script (that we know of), we may not know for quite some time who gets official screen credit for the Ant-Man script.

What do you think about Scott Lang changing from a con man to a master thief? Chime in with your thoughts below.