Over the past few weeks, Marvel has released a pair of viral videos for their final Phase Two adventure Ant-Man, which brought back Leslie Bibb's character Christine Everhart from Iron Man and Iron Man 2. In those superhero movies, Everhart was a journalist for Forbes, but now she has taken over as a news anchor for WHIH News, where she has been covering the impending release of Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) from prison, after serving three years for stealing millions of dollars from his former employer, VistaCorp. Today we have yet another viral video, where Everhart actually interviews Scott Lang on the eve of his release, but the interview doesn't go quite so well, for Scott, at least.

At the beginning of Ant-Man, Scott Lang is released from San Quentin prison after serving three years of a five-year stretch, but this interview takes place today, July 16, the day before his release from prison. As Christine Everhart points out before the interview begins, WHIH is actually owned by VistaCorp, which Scott also brings up, angrily, after the journalist accuses him of making his entire story up just to steal millions of dollars from his employer. The interview also includes a humorous piece of security footage from the robbery, where Lang is seen trying to prove that an exotic sports car is "waterproof" by dumping it into a pool. The segment ends abruptly when Scott flies off the handle yet again and gets tasered for his outburst.

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If you look at the news ticker at the bottom of the video, there are also several little Easter Eggs and references to characters and events portrayed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The first few items reveal that Steve Rogers is attending a museum exhibit honoring his World War II efforts, and that Stark Industries has announced scholarships for "promising students from urban city schools." Could it be possible that the new Spider-Man, portrayed by Tom Holland, is the recipient of one such scholarship? We know he will be a high school student when he appears in Captain America: Civil War next year, so that could be an interesting way for Tony Stark and Peter Parker to first meet.

There are also a few apparent tie-ins to Captain America: Civil War, with several world leaders reportedly asking for The Avengers to be held accountable for their destructive actions in Sokovia. It's possible that this could lead into the Superhero Registration Act, which divides both Tony Stark and Steve Rogers in Captain America: Civil War. There is also a news item where Stark says that the "public concerns" about Bruce Banner are "baseless and irresponsible," in the aftermath of the destructive South African incident shown in Avengers: Age of Ultron. There is also an interesting item about efforts to retrieve the Ultron technology being made difficult because people are selling these items on the black market. Perhaps Ulysses Klaue (Andy Serkis) could be responsible for all of this black market activity, but we don't know for sure.

The news ticker also has an Ant-Man connection, with an item about Pym Technologies CEO Darren Cross (Corey Stoll) teasing an "'astonishing' new venture coming this week." Perhaps the most curious entry is one that seems completely unrelated to the MCU, with a "winning lottery ticket of $675 million still unclaimed." Since there is very little we know about the studio's upcoming slate, it's tough to tell whether or not a $675 million lottery fortune will be used in the future, but it may be something to keep an eye out for. In related news, Hot Toys has released their 1/16 figures for Ant-Man, which you can check out in the gallery below this viral interview.

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