Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish are currently in Austin, Texas for the South by Southwest festival, where their movie Attack the Block premiered. The filmmakers are also working on the screenplay for the new Marvel Studios movie Ant-Man, and they revealed the script is nearly finished. Here's what Joe Cornish had to say.

"We're currently working on it, not right now. But the day after tomorrow we'll go to Los Angeles."
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Edgar Wright elaborated further, revealing their initial treatment existed before the formation of Marvel Studios, which was done before his second movie, Hot Fuzz.

"We kind of have a stock response now, it's true to say we've been writing it in some form. Weirdly, the treatment for Ant-Man exists before Marvel Studios. There was a treatment that Joe and I did when Artisan had the kind of lower-rung Marvel properties and we wrote a treatment for it that exists before Hot Fuzz. Basically, when I met Kevin Feige I said, 'Oh, did you ever get our Ant-Man treatment?' and he had never read it so we submitted it properly like four years later. So it's something me and Joe have genuinely been working on for nearly a decade and at some point we'll finish the script."

It isn't clear if this will be Edgar Wright's next project yet.