Earlier today, new details revealed that the villain in Marvel's first Phase Three movie Ant-Man will be Darren Cross, although it wasn't known if Corey Stoll or Patrick Wilson is playing the nefarious businessman who runs Cross Technological Enterprises. The Wrap reporter Jeff Sneider has the latest update, clarifying who each of the aforementioned actors are playing.

Although, in the comics, Darren Cross resembles a "pink Hulk," today's earlier report revealed that Cross will battle Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) in a suit similar to the Ant-Man costume Scott stole from Hank Pym (Michael Douglas). In the comics, Darren's cousin William Cross becomes Crossfire, a CIA agent with a cybernetic eye who is highly trained in martial arts with advanced weapons skills.

Following director Edgar Wright's surprising departure from Ant-Man last month, Marvel brought on Peyton Reed to direct and Adam McKay to rewrite the script. Since these latest reports have not been confirmed by Marvel, it's possible that these details may become invalid as the script is rewritten.