A new clip from Ant-Man and the Wasp provides a closer look at the battle between Ghost and the Wasp, with the villain gaining the upper hand. The highly anticipated sequel is only days away and Marvel Studios is preparing audiences for what to expect with the epic action clip that was recently released. While Ghost may be winning what seems like the first battle, Scott Lang prepares to enter the fight with a brand-new suit with Hank Pym's futuristic technology being teased at the very end.

The mysterious Ghost is showing off some of her immense powers as she battles the Wasp in the new Ant-Man 2 clip. We've seen Ghost in some footage before, throwing Scott Lang through two sets of walls, but this is the first time that we've been teased with just how dangerous the villain really is. While the Wasp is able to shrink and then get back to normal size to deliver punches, Ghost is disappearing and reappearing to deliver her blows, which seems to be blowing Hope van Dyne's mind as she asks her father if he's seeing what she is.

Ant-Man 2 has been getting excellent reviews with Evangeline Lilly's performance as the Wasp getting high praise. Hope van Dyne has been waiting years to be able to fight in the Wasp suit and it shows in all of the promotional material for the sequel. We've yet to see any substantial footage of Michelle Pfeiffer's version of the Wasp, but Marvel is keeping that under wraps for the time being, which is some excellent marketing. Seeing Hope and Janet on the big screen is going to be an emotional twist to the superhero movie.

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Ant-Man 2 finds itself in a good spot for the summer. The sequel is the first Marvel Cinematic Universe project to come after Infinity War and is the last movie that the studio will put out this year. Additionally, the film begins the set up for Avengers 4, which hits theaters next May, after the release of Captain Marvel. Both Ant-Man 2 and the Carol Danvers standalone movie play significant roles in setting up Avengers 4 and Phase 4 of the MCU. However, it is not clear just how big of a part both of the films will play when all is said and done.

Ant-Man 2 teases the Quantum Realm and how it will be of use in Avengers 4, but there's some tricky situations that will need some help in the near future, which is where Brie Larson's Captain Marvel could come into play. Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige has said that Carol Danvers will be the new face of the MCU going forward, so it will be interesting to see where the storylines end up going, especially with the Wasp being involved now. While we wait to see Ant-Man 2 later this week, you can check out the brand-new clip below, thanks to the Post Crisp YouTube channel.

Kevin Burwick