A quantum physicist is making the bold claim that Ant-Man could easily defeat the Man of Steel. The news comes from the same Inverse article where quantum physicist Dr. Spiros Michalakis mentions that the Quantum Realm will be making a return in the upcoming Captain Marvel movie.

Dr. Michalakis was brought on as a quantum physics consultant for Ant-Man in 2014 and on his first day of work as a consultant, he was asked what they should call it when Ant-Man gets really small. Michalakis suggested that they call it the Quantum Realm, which is a real concept that describes stuff that happens at the scale of sub-atomic particles.

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So where does Superman fit into all of this? As it turns out, Dr. Michalakis was looking to put elements of modern physics into Ant-Man, which got him thinking abut superheroes in the real world. Dr. Michalakis argues that "if they were real, (they) would be limited by the laws of physics, including even Superman." Now this is where it starts to get interesting. Dr. Michalakis claims that when Ant-Man goes to the Quantum Realm and something malfunctions, he isn't just going to a smaller place, he actually goes one step beyond. Michalakis explains.

"This is a place where the nature of reality changes around you. So, when you enter the quantum realm, its different set of laws takes hold."

Dr. Michalakis goes on to explain that although "Kryptonians may defy human science, they're still working within our limitations." Now, he says that Ant-Man does not fit into our physics box like the Man of Steel does because Ant-Man goes one step beyond that. I'm not going to pretend I know exactly what the hell this dude is talking about, but here's the quote where he describes how Ant-Man could easily defeat Superman. Read Dr. Michalakis' explanation below.

"What I'm saying is that potentially understanding the quantum code from which curvature of space-time comes from, Ant-Man could manipulate to increase it or decrease it. Superman has, in the canon of the DC Universe, lifted 200 quintillion tons. But Ant-Man might find a way to alter the laws of the universe so he could crush Superman with 201 tons."

So there you have it, Superman would lose the fight against Ant-Man in real life. It also sounds like Ant-Man could probably take down anyone with the powers of science in his hands, but I guess reality wouldn't make the Ant-Man movies so entertaining. Scene one, Ant-Man defeats every villain in the universe by manipulation of our very fabric of time to deliver a stunning blow. The End. I would like to see Superman get beat once and for all though, that'd be pretty good. The real death of Superman.

Ant-Man vs. Superman could very well make Superman into an entertaining movie, but that will never happen considering that both characters are from rival companies. Regardless, petitions seem to be all the rage these days, let's start one to get Marvel and DC on board with this movie, power to the people. Ant-Man 2 will launch on July 6th, 2018 while we get to see Superman in the Justice League in November of this year.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick