Alexander: Anthony Hopkins is negotiating to star alongside Colin Farrell in Intermedia's Alexander, says Variety. The epic will be distributed by Warner Bros.

Hopkins, reteaming with his Nixon director Oliver Stone, will play the role of Ptolemy, the last surviving general in the army of Macedonian conqueror Alexander the Great who went on to become the Pharoah of Egypt. A younger actor will be cast to play Ptolemy in battle scenes.

Intermedia is in a race with the rival Baz Luhrmann-Leonardo DiCaprio project at Universal and DreamWorks, produced by Dino De Laurentiis. In a surprise move, Intermedia has established Morocco as its primary shooting location, the locale Luhrmann said he had abandoned for his home turf Australia because he couldn't get insurance for his actors. The Stone film will now take advantage of all the amenities that had been offered to its rival.

Part of Alexander will also be shot in London. Stone has already done some shooting near the Himalayas, and principal photography is on course to begin in July. Filming will stop for a month in August and resume in September.

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