Captain America: The Winter Soldier star Anthony Mackie is getting ready to shop his Untitled Jesse Owens Biopic out to distributors. When we spoke with the actor during the Captain America: The Winter Soldier junket, the actor revealed he was taking some time off of acting to get this project off the ground.

"I've been really focused and working on my Jesse Owens project, trying to get that off the ground. That's been my little brainchild for awhile, so I'm taking some time off to just focus on that. Yeah, we finally have a draft, and we finally have it to where we want it, and now it's at the point where we're trying to figure out the next move, who's the best director, stuff like that, because this is a story that has to be told."

Jesse Owens won four gold medals at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, a performance which struck a blow to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler's claims that Germans were the superior race.

George Olsen wrote the script, under the supervision of Anthony Mackie and producer Jamie Linden, which will focus on the build-up to the 1936 games, and the impact Jesse Owens' performance had on the world. Adolf Hitler refused to shake Jesse Owens' hand after his gold medal wins.

The Untitled Jesse Owens Biopic isn't the only project in development about the famed sprinter. Disney is developing a project based on Jeremy Schaap's book Triumph, David Seidler (The King's Speech) is writing a "full-scale biopic" that will span his entire life, and Stephan James is poised to star as the track star in an untitled project from director Stephen Hopkins, which Focus Features is eyeing.