Anthony Mackie is jokingly blaming Tom Holland for Falcon not appearing in Spider-Man: Far from Home. It was recently revealed that Mackie's Falcon was going to make his Captain America debut in the sequel by Marvel Studios creative executive Eric Carroll. However, they later decided to let the movie be Peter Parker's story without too much outside help, aside from what we've already seen in the promotional material. Falcon's Captain America will just have to pop up somewhere else. Let's just hope it's sooner rather than later.

The news of the failed Falcon Captain America debut in Spider-Man: Far From Home spread to actor Anthony Mackie, who took the opportunity to partake in one of his favorite activities. The aforementioned activity involves trolling Tom Holland on social media, the red carpet, interviews, etc. You get the idea. Mackie enjoys making fun of the Peter Parker actor and does so as much as he can and it's often very funny. "Sh*t. REALLY?! Way to go Tom Holland to mess that one up!," said Mackie on Twitter when he learned of the story developments.

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Obviously, Anthony Mackie is just having some fun. Tom Holland had zero direct influence over the story ideas in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Or did he? Maybe Holland decided to get his revenge on Mackie by blocking him from the highly anticipated sequel. While that would be hilarious, it's not what really happened. Behind-the-scenes, they figured it would be best to let Peter Parker have his movie after spending so much time in Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, which makes plenty of sense. Parker has been through a lot over the past few MCU movies.

As for Anthony Mackie's debut as Captain America, it's unclear where and when it will happen. There has been speculation that the Falcon and Winter Soldier Disney+ series will be the place to do it, but there are plenty of people who believe Marvel Studios will wait to do the big reveal on the big screen. For now, we'll just have to wait and see what the highly secretive Marvel Studios wants to do with Falcon and his new job. Whatever the case may be, Anthony Mackie and Chris Evans are really excited to see what the future brings for the character.

Tom Holland is currently busy dressing like one of the brothers from A Night at the Roxbury with co-star and new BFF Jake Gyllenhaal on the promotional tour for Spider-Man: Far From Home. He probably doesn't even know about the whole Falcon and Captain America ideas for the movie he is currently starring in. Well, he might actually know about it now that Anthony Mackie has alerted him to it on social media. Hopefully some Falcon news will land soon, until then, you can check out Anthony Mackie's Twitter roast of Tom Holland below.