The 2015 New York Toy Fair is in full swing this weekend. This means a lot of toys for some of this year's biggest movies are being put on display. And with that, of course, comes a few spoilers the studios would rather you not know until you were seated in the theater. So, heed this warning: There will be a big potential SPOILER for Marvel's upcoming summer adventure Ant-Man contained within this story!

LEGO has unveiled their Marvel Super Heroes playlet for Ant-Man called 'The Final Battle', and it brings information that some people have already suspected. If we're to believe the box art and mini-fig that comes with this set, Michael Douglas' Hank Pym is definitely suiting up for the big climactic battle against Yellowjacket. There is even some speculation that Pym will turn into a villain during this fight, but we have no proof to support that.

Now, while this is an official Ant-Man tie-in, what we see here may not actually be depicted on screen in the same exact way. Sometimes these toys are misleading, and offer up characters and scenarios that aren't necessarily in the finished film. With LEGO, it has equally gone both ways. Some of their sets are based on events depicted in the movie, some are just for fans and just for fun. But this is one instance where we're pretty sure what we see in the box art, depicted in LEGO, will actually happen on screen. Take a look as Scott and Hank team up against Ant-Man's baddest villain...Or is Hank and Yellowjacket teaming up against Scott?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange