Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universee comes to a close this year with a pair of massive adventures, the highly-anticipated sequel Avengers: Age of Ultron and our introduction into the world of Ant-Man. Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas lead an all-star cast as Scott Lang and Hank Pym, but one of the characters we haven't heard much about is Bobby Cannavale's Paxton. During a new interview with Collider, the actor revealed that Paxton is a brand new character who does not originate in the Marvel comic books.

"He's a new character. I mean the whole story is pretty new because the origin story of Dr. Hank Pym who's the original Ant-Man, that's Michael Douglas' character, and so Paul's character is sort of a protege. The whole story is really new so he's a new character."
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Last month, one of Bobby Cannavale's co-stars Judy Greer said there was a lot of comedic improv on the set of Ant-Man, but she wasn't sure how that will be used in the finished movie. Bobby Cannavale reiterated her comments, while adding that it was "freeing" to play a character who isn't based in the Marvel comic book world, and that most of his scenes are with Paul Rudd and Judy Greer. He then went on to say that the movie really has an indie movie sensibility.

"That was a really cool experience, because as big as that movie is and really as big a production as that was, the actual work in the scenes were really fun. It felt like we were on an indie film. Paul Rudd is one of my oldest friends. Most of our scenes are together, like me and Paul and Judy Greer. And so, both those actors are really good improvisers. Adam McKay and Paul did a big rewrite on that script. So the scenes themselves felt like an indie film. It really felt like a comedy that we were doing. And then, of course, you have those big scenes. I spent so much time in front of a blue screen and that was just a trip for me. I'm not used to that kind of thing. But it was really a good combination of bringing a real off-the-cuff sensibility to a big, huge action movie. That was really fun and I think that probably happened because Guardians of the Galaxy was such a success. So it didn't feel like I was working in a really serious superhero movie. It didn't feel like Thor or something like that."

Of course, if the rumors about Avengers: Age of Ultron are to be believed, it will surely alter the MCU in several ways, including the formation of a new superhero roster. Perhaps fans will enjoy a less "serious" movie after Avengers: Age of Ultron, in the same way that fans flocked to Guardians of the Galaxy after Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which had serious ramifications for the MCU as a whole. Are you looking forward to a light-hearted superhero comedy like Ant-Man this summer?