Oliver Stone is set to produce a new biopic about Pablo Escobar titled, simply, Escobar. According to Variety, Antoine Fuqua has been hired to direct the film for J2 Pictures.

Another Escobar film is also set to go into production soon. Entitled Killing Escobar, that film is an adaptation of Mark Bowden's book of the same name. Joe Carnahan is set to direct but is working to complete the George Clooney film White Jazz first.

Stone's Escobar is based on Roberto Escobar Gaviria's book Mi Hermano Pablo. Roberto served as his brother's accountant and confidant. His company, STL Holdings, committed the life and literary rights of the Escobar family. Stone stated, "This is a great project about a fascinating man who took on the system. I think I have to thank "Scarface, and maybe even Ari Gold."

The film is being rushed into production before the impending June strike sets in.